I don't fear death
rather death fears me
My words and life pointing to Christ's victory
no chains, not dead, but alive and free. 

My glorious, Wonderful, Counselor
His name, Emmanuel
God with us, Redeeming us, 
what once was, now broken, He will restore,
Faithful to his covenant promise forever more. 

Embracing us in love out of the torments of hell,
Oh, how this glorious One does overwhelm.
Almighty as a warrior, sacrificial is my King. 
Humility exalted, Power veiled, mighty living Redeemer, Entering into the finite, and eternally existing.

This charismatic justice!
My righteousness! Reconciling all things to himself,
By crucifixion, resurrecting, peace. 

The restoration and promise from Genesis 3,
My God is faithful for ALL to see.
Man failed, tried to earn grace and walk not by faith,
But the holy holy holy One
full of fame and flame came in a mans frame
engraven on His hands is your very name.
Glorious God, this Jesus, does forever reign. 

Lived to die, died to live;
Do you see that? A kingdom distinguished by asking 'what can I likewise selflessly give?' 
singing with joy, no pain, no tears, not captive!
My sure hope! in this I stand!
Christ; resurrected, interceding, enthroned, seated at His Fathers right hand!

Longing, waiting, zealous is He
To feast with us, His Belov'd
Before His host of angels,
in His presence is where we are meant to be.  

Yet while He waits, seeking, pursuing His bride;
The earth groans, waiting for them all to arrive.

Crushing, destroying the puny powerless demons of death,
With His Words, His Children, 
simply, the wind of His Breath!

I don't fear death
Death fears me. 
I will resurrect glorified, being found in Christ's victory,
And as I long for and await the final end of death, that last enemy;
I will live in the power and presence of Christ resurrected, full and free!

-B e-z