#_LivesMatter: A failure to communicate

"The one who states his case first seems right, until the other comes and examines him." Proverbs 18:17

Last night I had the privilege of being present for the local rally here in Lewiston, which was part of the Black Lives Matter movement. My goal was not to be a part of the movement, nor did I want to be a counter-protestor either. 

There were moments that gave me joy. And there were also moments that gave me grief in my heart.

Stupid Slogans with no Solutions...

All agree...there is a problem, but we disagree on what the problem is. Violence and tension toward and from more people as we face a problem that has plagued our nation since its roots; apathy and blind ethnocentric aggression. We face a pivotal point in America. Many thought civil rights for all people of every nation was won during the time of Martin Luther King Jr. but have neglected to see that while laws may have changed, hearts have not. While the lynch mobs, slave trades, and the right to breathe certain air is not as prevalent as points in American history, the current hatred shown by a lack of sympathy born from an apathetic heart that readily wants to forget that the foundations of American infrastructure and economy was built on the backs of the Black community.  So I write this Blog to address the current problem, the subsequent responses to the outcries of the #BlackLivesMatter community, provide some history to show how we got to this point and how it's yet another chance for the Church to bring the Gospel, rightly, into our situation.