Overcoming Death by Rising From The Dead!

This was done on a 4x6 PostCard from www.uprinting.com

This was done on a 4x6 PostCard from www.uprinting.com

Psalm 71:20 

“You(LORD) who have made me see many troubles and calamities will revive me again; from the depths of the earth You will bring me up again.” 

This single verse in God’s Word, the Bible, reveals a lot about reality! God is sovereign over all things and is the One who defines peace and troubles, good and evil. Our conscience explains to us good and evil, showing us that men and women are created reflecting and to reflect the image of God. We experience joy in the birth of children, weddings, justice, sceneries, and sunsets. We also find sorrow when earthquakes hit, people starve, when we or someone else is violated/sinned against, or is oppressed, and ultimately when death occurs. God is in control of all of these and they happen for many mysterious reasons that have us encounter the love and care of God, and show's us that we are truly not in control and are reliant upon Another. Often we look at the world and see all the evil and quickly forget that we personally have participated in the spread of that evil. Instead of being reliant on God, we have been defiant. We see others lie, steal, envy, and murder and we respond with either coping mechanisms, being purposely naive by throwing around statements like ‘just love’, or we even respond with more lying, stealing, and murdering. None of these are solutions to the curse from Genesis 3 which brought troubles and calamities upon this world that has ultimately brought about death to all of us. God, who we rely on, say’s the solution is to be revived again from the earth!  But because of our indwelling sin, a barrier exists between us and God. So Jesus, the eternal infinite God, entered into His creation as a man, performed miracles and healed many, revealing the new creation had begun. He lived perfectly never sinning and endured death on the cross, beginning a revolution against sin, against satan, and against death itself, by resurrecting bodily from the dead, showing that He has overcome the curse which brought about sin and death! This is good news for the present and the future…but how? We know that this world is not purely evil but is actually being restored and glorified! We also know God has not left us as broken image bearers without hope, but is restoring us to live fully human, in His image through Christ’s resurrection! How so?! Stop being defiant and trusting yourself, others, politics, or cultural kingdoms and be reliant upon Christ. Trust in His death for the forgiveness of your sins, and His resurrection for justification and new creation life that ends your enslavement to sin and makes you free in Christ to live how you were created to live, in the image of God! As you cling to King Jesus and His kingdom daily, you will find true joy and peace as you look toward the future day of Christ’s return, that you too will bodily rise from the dead to experience life abundantly forever with God in our midst! 
o sin, no pain, no tears, no death! 
New Creation, truly free, finally at rest!
(1 Cor 15:1-58)


Author: Brian Ingalls