Which King Do You Abide With?

Front Which King
This was done on a business card size with www.vistaprint.com

This was done on a business card size with www.vistaprint.com

Hey, you didn't throw me in the trash...thanks. Is it that you're tired of the way your life is going. Do you always like to be in control or have others approval? Do you like comfort more than truth? Consumed by your earthly kingdom of success? and ultimately, every bit of you is being destroyed by your sin (John 8:31-36). Stop! and just abide (remain). But, abide in what? Jesus calls us to abide in Him and He in us. You are able to do this because the Father chose to set His love (OVER)
on you in adoption. He sent Jesus to live a sinless life and be crucified for the sins of His people. He took on the Holy wrath of God and rescued us from an eternity of separation and torment. Taking us away from Gods love and mercy. Through His resurrection He declared Victory over death and sin, conquering the father of lies (satan). Now, where do we go from here you might ask? Your response to all of this is to call out to God for forgiveness and to give you a new heart(Ezk36). So cling to Christ and his finished work for you (Jn15). Remain in His Word, remain in His Love, remain in God as your supreme treasure, wait on Him and let the power of the Holy Spirit work in you and teach you all things that pertain to godliness(1Jn2:6,27). I John 3:6 says no one who abides in him keeps on sinning. We're begging you to turn away from sin and abide in Jesus, holding onto his promise of a resurrection from death into His presence forevermore. To worship and enjoy him with all our brothers and sisters in Christ for eternity.

Author: Heather Brewin & Tabitha Ingalls