#72 - Christian Community, The Trinity and Bronies

This was an epic episode focused on what Genuine Community looks like and some of the illusions we deceive ourselves into believing are Christian community. We tackled so many different angles and were excited for the conclusion! We tied in the nature of the Gospel and the Economic Trinity with a bunch of quotes for history and the scriptures!!!

We had music from King Kulture and Beautiful Eulogy on this episode.


#71 Kiss The Wave with Dave Furman

We were joined by Pastor and author Dave Furman to discuss his new book, Kiss The Wave, Based on the quote from Spurgen "I have learned to kiss the wave that throws me against the Rock of Ages." We have been looking forward to this podcast to address the many topics in regard to the Christian and suffering. This is his second book in regards to suffering. He has taken the life that God has blessed him with to bring Glory and Honor to The Christ in the midst of his suffering. We encourage you to listen to this podcast but also go get the book and embrace it!



#70 - Hate Religion, Love Jesus...Bu-Bu-But James?!

Welcome Back! Some changes over the past few months but we are back and excited! This is a Bible filled episode trying to dig to the root of the cliche "I hate religion but love Jesus" and the concepts of what true religion is in the face of a holy and loving God. How do we as Christians beautifully mingle the freedom of worship and the formality of religion? We hope to address this and more on this episode!

Thank you to Propaganda and Beautiful Eulogy for letting us play their music in the back drop!



#69 - Cell53 Update, Baptisms, and The Texas Shooting

We talked about the Texas Shooting on 11/5/2017. The deep seeded strains of violence and the subsequent responses of Christianity. What do we say about these 26 men and women? Were they martyrs or were they killed and deserved of being avenged by their brothers and sisters? Why does it seems so confusing? Also we wanted to take some time to update you all on where our Church is at! Times are insane!!!! Enjoy and see what God is doing!

On this episode we had music from Beautiful Eulogy and Propaganda


#67 - Lecrae, Piper, and How to Disagree Like a Christian

On this episode we had a special guest, Chris, Who we met in the Reformed Pub. We talked openly and generously about Lecrae, Piper, Racial injustice, Anthem Kneeling, and what the Gospel has to say regarding it all... Oh Yeah...There seems to be something to say about Trump always available now...Enjoy this episode and be edified.

Thank you for sticking with us during this temporary unannounced hiatus. My wife and I, Brian (B-ez), recently had our third child. That makes 3 under 3. They're truly blessings but making sure our house was running smoothly first took precedence over the podcast. So again thank you and We are all glad to be back at it!


We had music from Beautiful Eulogy on this Episode.


Is Beauty universal?! Why do we tell men and women that they are beautiful when they do not have the level of beauty that is being put on them? IS THAT FREEDOM?!?!?! On this episode we talked about beauty and how to properly talk about it from the objective christian standard. LISTEN AND SHARE!


On this episode we had music from Beautiful Eulogy

#63 - OT Violence...Is God Loving?

WOW! Important Episode! Is God Loving? If Ethnic Cleansing is bad, why did God do it? We need to see certain things are in the scriptures and submit to them...however have you actually wrestled with and prevailed consistently in your workings of the 'devoted to destruction passages'? We brought those things up and consistently wrestled with the text and not overrun by our emotions. So listen in and submit to the text. 


On this episode we had music from Propaganda, and Beautiful Eulogy 


This is the article in which we were responding to... http://www.wyff4.com/article/new-dna-evidence-suggests-god-didn-t-wipe-out-the-canaanites/10380447 

#62 - The Ugly of Islam

FINALLY Back in the Cell53 Studio! On this episode we finished up the Ugly of Islam. We talked about many Quranic and Hadith Passages regarding the Life of the prophet of Islam. This is a pretty technical show with many references and points being made so grab a pen and paper and get geared to talk to your Muslim neighbors.


#61 - Islam 101 and Apologetics

On this episode we went over the life of Mohammed and Islamic Theology. We hit on some Islamic Apologetics and how the Christian is to relate to their fellow Muslims. This is an important episode in the midst of the Islamic Holiday, Ramadan. Please Listen. Grab some Tracts and a Quran and understand what your fellow Muslims believe.





#59 - The Christian, Guns, and Pacifism Debate!

#59 - The Christian, Guns, and Pacifism Debate!

"The Doctrine of Pacifism is an untenable doctrine of the Christian Faith.' We had a dear brother, Alan Maricle on this episode to debate the topic of guns and their use in all areas of life! We had great brotherly joisting, and no blood was spilt! Hear the points and look into the scriptures! 


#57 - What Do You Know About Jehovah Witnesses?

What Do You Know About Jehovah Witnesses? We used the NWT and The Watch Tower Societies writings regarding the doctrine of the Trinity, the Full Deity of Christ, and the Doctrine of Salvation and communion. We had some heart felt discussions on these topics and it was an insane time! Share this episode with your Jehovah Witness friends, family and neighbors.

We had music from Hazakim and Beautiful Eulogy on this Episode.