#22 Sinners Prayer, Conversionism, and Discipling the Nations #postmil

In this episode we played a sound clip from Riley Stephenson, on what he called 'how to share your faith' in which we responded to it. We spoke about the issues with his approach, the unbiblical nature of it, and a biblical response to the approach. We also showed how it is birthed out of a greater mind set of conversions before discipleship. So we made a case from the Bible about Discipling people before, through, and until death, focusing on people obeying Jesus. We also talked about how discipleship before conversion relates to Biblical Eschatology and the advancement of the Kingdom of God in all the nations and what it means in just a few realms of how they live. Listen in!!!!


Soli Deo Gloria

We had music from Beautiful Eulogy on this episode.