#20 "Atheism" Reason Rally, Presuppositional Apologetics, and Brock the Rapist

Crazy, Crazy Episode! One of the regulars, Brian (B-EZ), just got back from the 'atheist' Reason Rally in DC! He came back with stories and audio clips! We went over some youtube clips from famous atheist showing their logical degredation and end of absurdity! Listen carefully and think Critically! We played many clips from many atheist and exposed ONE of the MANY clips from the reason rally. We then took atheism into the real world and showed what the implications were in regards to Emily Doe, the victim, and Brock, the rapist showing that only the Christian World View has the basis for morality and justice that is given by God. Listen to the entirety! Enjoy it and Share it!


We had Audio from youtube from many professed 'atheist' and music from Beautiful Eulogy.