#67 - Lecrae, Piper, and How to Disagree Like a Christian

On this episode we had a special guest, Chris, Who we met in the Reformed Pub. We talked openly and generously about Lecrae, Piper, Racial injustice, Anthem Kneeling, and what the Gospel has to say regarding it all... Oh Yeah...There seems to be something to say about Trump always available now...Enjoy this episode and be edified.

Thank you for sticking with us during this temporary unannounced hiatus. My wife and I, Brian (B-ez), recently had our third child. That makes 3 under 3. They're truly blessings but making sure our house was running smoothly first took precedence over the podcast. So again thank you and We are all glad to be back at it!


We had music from Beautiful Eulogy on this Episode.