#55 - Guns, Blood-thirst, Fun, and Wright vs MacArthur!

This is a Jam Packed Show with many topics, We hit on John MacArthur's Comments at the 2017 Ligonier conference in session 6 regarding NT Wright and 'The Day the Revolution Began'. We wanted to strike the balance of Christus Victor and Penal Substitutionary Atonement that the Bible rightly declares.
We also discussed Guns and the use of violence and the blood thirst of christendom. We formally challenged JD Hall to a debate on the topic. We finished up by talking about the Christin and Fun!!!


On this episode we had music from Beautiful Eulogy, Jackie Hill Perry and more.

#50 - Native American Evangelism, Animism, and the Church's Mission

We had a JAMMED episode with Grant Fawcett, a dear brother and evangelist to the Native American people groups in Canada. He joined us in studio to discuss the history of the Native Americans, reaching them, cultural distinctions, and theological markers. He also talked about running a Bible Center, ArrowHead, and the right and wrong ways to accomplish your goals without compromising or making heathen worshippers. 
You can find and contact Grant Fawcett at the links below.



#49 - GUEST JD Hall discusses Polemics and Prophecy

Polemicist JD Hall of www.polemicsreport.com , joined us to discuss the need for those who fight for biblical truth. We focused much on the abuses of the prosperity 'gospel' preachers and those who do not call them out in truth. We also did a quick review of the debate/discussion on the Charismatic Gifts with Matt Slick. We had good discussion and fellowship and family love.


On this episode we had music from Sovereign Grace Music

#45 - Atheist Seth Andrews Joins Us To Chat On Cell53 Radio

On this episode, we were joined by well known atheist, Seth Andrews, from The Thinking Atheist Podcast. We discussed his deconversion and wanted to hear out some of the heart details behind it. We purposely did not go through a debate format or intense presuppositional apologetics as we have already done a podcast on that. Listen and pray for Seth and the challenges presented. Share this around.


We had music from Beautiful Eulogy on this episode.

#40 - Man Cards and Safety Pins (What?!)

On this Cell53 Radio episode, we had a special guest, Lady Liberty, come on and break down the after math of the Trumpian Victory. We talk about politics because the Gospel addresses them! We talked about abortion, drugs, riots, electoral college, racism, and SOOOO MUCH MORE! Packed episode. Laughs, Disagreement. Joy!


On this episode we had music from Beautiful Eulogy and Jackie Hill Perry.

#39 - Christianity, 2016 POTUS, And Resurrection!

#39 - Christianity, 2016 POTUS, And Resurrection!

Cell53 Radio did a partial live stream with Facebook Live! We hit on the top 10 reasons why either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will be POTUS and why it's ultimately good. We talked a lot about the Sovereignty of God, the Resurrection of the dead, and the righteousness of our God! Please Share this around!!