Unending Passion of Jesus

In a Resurrection Sunday message we look at what many consider to be the end of Jesus' suffering. But is it really? Jesus, as a son of man, suffered physically before His death. Did this put an end to His suffering, His passion, His love for His people?  

That passion continues today and is seen in the Bride of Christ, the Church living by the Spirit of God in the footsteps of selfless sacrifice for the glory of God!

As a man, Jesus died. He resurrected as the King of Heaven to take His rightful place at the right hand of His Father. He also resurrected as the bridegroom of His people, His church universal. As a man, we know Jesus experienced the full range of human emotions. Did His resurrection put an end to His ability to experience those emotions? 

Before looking at how Jesus longs for His bride and what He did to wed her, we also take a look at what the grief, guilt, and shame Peter may have experienced while Jesus lay in the tomb not knowing that his friend, teacher, and Messiah would soon return.