1 Samuel

1 Samuel 14 - Part 2

Continuing with Jonathan and his Armor Bearer rabble raising with the Philistines, we first look at why God has left enemies of Israel in the land He promised to give to the descendants of Abraham. The reasons for God's actions then are still as applicable to our lives today -- collectively and as individuals. Good stuff, good lessons. Let go see who the heroes, traitors, and cowards are. 

1 Samuel 14 - Part 1

Many lessons for today can be found in the Bible. Tonight's sermon is no different. Continuing in 1 Samuel, we find Saul waiting, in a pomegranate cave with his army of 600 men, for God to give him some direction on how to react to the Philistine army surrounding him. In the meantime, his son - Jonathan - understands what God has already told the nation of Israel to do; so he takes his armor bearer and heads off to initiate contact with the Philistine army. 

Who are you going to be for the rest of your life? Saul or Jonathan?

1 Samuel 3 - Obedience/Holiness

This week we continued in 1 Samuel moving to chapter 3. Samuel gets a called by the Lord through prophetic means of which were infrequent at that time. The prophecy was about the very High Priest he was serving. We see God has preserved for hope for HIs people during the time of Samuel just as He has for all of creation in Christ Jesus. We see the obedience of Samuel in saying the hard things and the numbness of Eli in not knowing the Lord. Are you like Samuel or Eli?

Thank you for listening. 

1 Samuel 2:27-36 Discipling the next generation

What example are you leaving to the next generation. We are discipling the next generation by our actions...but the question is, are we bringing them closer to Christ, or are we misrepresenting God in our relationships. Today we looked at a prophet coming to Eli. Eli is reminded of the hand of God in his life and what the judgement will be for his lack of discipleship of his children.