2 Samuel 3 - The Steadfast Covenant

 Do you covenant with a kingdom that is not the Kingdom of Light? Do you not understand the depth and faithfulness of the the covenant and Hesed, steadfast love of the LORD? Is understanding where God's faithfulness is when you feel so distant a struggle for you? Please listen and see Christ and His passionate love for His Bride in the narrative about David and Michal and Abner's covenant.

1 Samuel 14 - Part 1

Many lessons for today can be found in the Bible. Tonight's sermon is no different. Continuing in 1 Samuel, we find Saul waiting, in a pomegranate cave with his army of 600 men, for God to give him some direction on how to react to the Philistine army surrounding him. In the meantime, his son - Jonathan - understands what God has already told the nation of Israel to do; so he takes his armor bearer and heads off to initiate contact with the Philistine army. 

Who are you going to be for the rest of your life? Saul or Jonathan?