What Is Your Foundation

Jesus tells a parable of a rich man who seeks to increase his wealth to the point where he needs to tear down his storehouse and build a new one. The problem is the man didn't consider everything that was necessary to support the wealth he was building. He didn't consider the foundation that he needed to lay for the new structure. He was a fool and in the end he lost his life perhaps because of this; but even if not because of this, he discovered that what he had built would not last forever because of the inadequate foundation. 

What is the foundation you are building your life and legacy on? 

After the Resurrection

Over the past few weeks, we examined the last week of Jesus' life, His crucifixion, and His resurrection. Sorrow, more sorrow, intense agony, and then uncontrollable, unspeakable joy! What can surpass the resurrection of Jesus? Well, we know something has to because He is not walking around in the flesh today and that something is the Ascension of Jesus to claim His throne at the right hand of God.

Jesus during His ministry referred to His leaving several times, however, his disciples never really understood. In spite of Jesus telling them that He came to fulfill the prophets, the disciples didn't get it. They didn't understand the He had to die and they didn't understand that He would rise on the third day until they saw it. Now, can you imagine the looks of Jesus' disciples as they witnessed "...and with the clouds of heaven there came one like a son of man, and he came to the Ancient of Days and was presented before him." (Daniel 7:13 ESV)

This week we begin looking at just what the Ascension meant to the early church and to us, the present church. Sit, listen, be blessed.