Man on a Mission (Who Sinned?)

Jesus was an amazing person when he lived. For the son of a carpenter with no known formal education, he knew his scripture extremely well. In this message we begin with a review of Psalm 139:13-16 before getting into the main content of the message. Jesus could easily stand up to the Pharisees, however, he also knew how to choose messengers to deliver messages to the Pharisees very well. 

We look at a man who was blind from birth and who made his living as a beggar. The examination of the now sighted man and his parents by the Pharisees is quite a story and a lesson in schooling for the Pharisees. 

Give a listen and pay attention not just to the lesson taught to the Pharisees but also to lessons that may be being taught to you in your daily activities. Let go of the blindness and gain your sight.