Paul addresses the church in Corinth about the resurrection of the dead in the times to come. The controversy is whether or not there will be a resurrection at the day of the LORD. Paul speaks of the resurrection of Jesus as the undeniable truth of a resurrection to come. After all, Paul argues, if Jesus did not rise from the dead, then our faith is futile and we are still in sin.

Today, we still have that same choice to make - do we believe that not only is Jesus the son of God and that he paid the penalty for our sins but that he also raised from the dead. Make your choice -- death or Jesus.

The Glory of God

When Jesus faced difficulties, trials, and tribulations He turned to His Father asking that He glorify Himself through Jesus. Even Jesus realized that He could not accomplish His mission on His own but needed the Glory of the Father to be revealed to Him and through Him. So where does one go to look for the Glory of God? Well, the best starting point is going to be the Holy Scriptures, but where? Let's give a listen and see where this continual seeking should begin. 

1 Samuel 14 - Part 2

Continuing with Jonathan and his Armor Bearer rabble raising with the Philistines, we first look at why God has left enemies of Israel in the land He promised to give to the descendants of Abraham. The reasons for God's actions then are still as applicable to our lives today -- collectively and as individuals. Good stuff, good lessons. Let go see who the heroes, traitors, and cowards are.