Suffering for Jesus

Have you ever desired a position of importance thinking that it would be as simple as asking for it? Two of Jesus' disciples thought they could just ask to sit on His left and right side when His Kingdom came. What they did not know was those seats were not Jesus' to give and even if they were there was a price that came with them. That price is suffering; suffering with Jesus and for Jesus. How much are you willing to bear for the KIng of Kings? 

Suffering and Endurance

As Christians, we know that we will face obstacles, as well as pain and suffering for our beliefs. In today's western culture, it can be difficult to bear the suffering as our first reaction and instinct may be to cut our losses and run. After all, no one wants to be ostracized by family, friends, and coworkers. We follow Jesus and because we do, shouldn't life be pretty easy for us? Let's listen in and see what a solid, biblical response to suffering looks like.